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Things humans ask
What are your rates?

Home visits: from $20* per visit 
Boarding: from $35* per day
Dog walks: from $20* per walk


Rates vary by number of pets, distance and length of visit

My cat needs to go to the vet. Can you take her?

Yes. I always look for signs of illness and if your pet is in distress, I will immediately bring him/her to the vet.
You can also arrange for me to transport your pet to the vet while you are at work.

Do you have experience with special needs?

Yes. I have administered subcutaneous fluids and pills and I work well with pets with behavioral issues such as anxiety.

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About the Director

Professional Pet Sitter

I’ve always loved animals and taking care of them is my passion. I started informally minding pets in 2006 and I've been pet sitter in Singapore and Australia (Tashi is a world traveller).

Whether it’s feeding your cat, playing with your dog, giving meds or administering subcutaneous fluids, I connect easily with pets and provide a feeling of safety.

Pet Sitting Services

How it works

We offer unrivaled pet sitting services at KittyNannies&PuppyPals. We can assure that your cuddly critter will be in the loving hands of a responsible sitter. If boarding with us, your pet will be in a safe and cozy home — chin rubs and playtime guaranteed! Daily visits at your home can include plant watering, mail and other tasks, just ask.

In-home visits around Nashville

Meet & Greet

Does your cat exhibit a bit of cattitude? Is your puppy a bit of a princess? Not to worry, I'll come and introduce myself when you're home to ensure they feel safe while you're away.

Boarding in a comfy home

It will all be ok, little one

If you think your pet is going to feel lonely without you, we offer boarding. They have room to roam and extra play time when they stay with us. They won't ever be put in a cage unless you bring your dog's crate for comfort!

Are dogs adored, too?

Yes, we love dogs, too

I have years of dog walking and training experience and I easily put even the most fearful dogs at ease. I'd be happy to walk, feed and play with your pup!


Loving pet care - when you're not there

Let's face it, cats are superior beings who deserve and expect to be adored. While you're away, you'll have confidence in knowing that the ordinary human caring for your precious cat or dog has been well trained by Tashi  (that arrogant looking lion-cat) to meet her every need, entertain her in the way she is accustomed and generally bow down before her. This, plus over 10 years of experience in 3 countries, guarantees you're relying on a professional pet sitter right here in Nashville.

  • We love dogs, too! Dog walking & play-time.

  • In-home visits or boarding.

  • Insured & trained in Pet CPR.

  • We cater for special needs.

  • Your pets are safe and loved.

  • History of great reviews.

*& PuppyPals

Pictured: Tashi the cat, Syndey the dog & KittyNannies & PuppyPals

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Nashville, TN, USA

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